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Our Child Care Philosophy

Here at K.C.F.C. we believe children are inherently good. We do not believe there are “bad” children; only inappropriate behaviors. Childhood should be a happy experience, physical and emotional security, a time for play, and a time for learning through exploration and developmentally appropriate activities. Self-esteem, a positive attitude toward life, and cooperative, pro-social behavior are important in a child’s life and as educators and caregivers we need to foster positive growth in all these areas.

We believe here at K.C.F.C that a good early childhood facility should provide for all of a child’s needs: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. We make sure that environment is safe to prevent and reduce injuries. Here at K.C. F. C. we strongly believe children should be supervised at all times and all supervisors should be aware of emergency procedures and be trained in first aid.  Here at K.C.F.C., we strongly promote good health and nutrition and a clean environment to help prevent the spreading illness. The room arrangement, materials, and schedule should provide an interesting, secure, and enjoyable environment that encourages curiosity, play, exploration, and learning. All materials should be well organized to show that we value play. Program activities should be adaptable to meet the needs of every child. Positive guidance techniques should be adhered to and related to each child’s personality and developmental level. Rules should be easily understood and consistently enforced children to be kind, be safe, and have fun.

“A child’s creativity and individual expression should be encouraged daily!”