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Registration & Enrollment Process

Children may be enrolled from 6 weeks through 12 years of age, regardless of race, creed, or religious beliefs. The following steps MUST be done in order to have a spot at KCFC for a successful enrollment.

  1. Schedule a Tour/Interview. Appointments are available on Monday-Saturdays (10am-4pm) and Sundays (3pm-6pm). *You should expect to be at the childcare for at least 30 minutes-1 (one) hour.
  2. After your tour/Interview, determine if this program is the right fit for your child (ren) needs.
  3. Discuss your registrations options with Mrs. Stephanie (Owner/ Director), prior to completing the registration form and submitting the registration fee. The registration fee is $30.00 for one child and if two (2) or more children are enrolling the fee is $60.00. This fee is due yearly and it is due on the first day of school in the New Year. The fee is (Non-Refundable) and must be submitted before the enrollment process in order to obtain childcare services. Each additional child need their own registration form.
  4. Childcare Deposit:

A security deposit equal to two (2) weeks of child care must be paid before your child can be admitted into care. Your deposit will be credited towards your first week and your last week of care provided you are in compliance with my policies and our contract. In the event that your child does not start care by the agreed upon date, your space will be forfeited and your deposit to hold the space will become non-refundable.

Note: Payment may be made by check and cash. Please make checks payable to Kids Cave Family Childcare.

  1. Once the appropriate registration form and fee have been received, parents will be given an Enrollment Packet in which the following forms are required by state of Maryland and need to be FULLY completed and/or signed prior to student’s start date.
  • Parent-Provider Contract / Enrollment Application (complete/sign/date)
  • Copy of Parents driver license
  • Child’s Pre-admission Health History-Parents Report ( complete/ sign/date)
  • Permission to administer form (complete/sign/date)
  • Emergency Information/Consent for Medical Treatment (complete/sign/date)
  • Immunization must be up to date at time of Enrollment ( provide a copy)
  • Photo Release Form (complete/sign/date)
  • Child Information Form ( Complete/return)
  1.  Parents will then receive a WELCOME Packet with important information about KCFC!

*I keep records on file for each child enrolled in my child care home. These records include, but are not limited to, Handbook of Policies and Procedures, a Contract and Rate Agreement, and Enrollment Record, and a Release for Emergency Care. I will provide you with any necessary paperwork that will need to be completed and in my possession before your child can start care. You are expected to inform me of any changes or additions to the information you provide me with as it arises.

Admission is not discriminated on the basis of ability, race, creed, color, national origin, religion or sex.

Trial Period:

The trial period is the first two (2) weeks of childcare services. Here is when either parties can terminate care but there will be no reimbursement of funds that has already being paid. After the two weeks trial period is over, either party must give a two (2) weeks’ notice of termination of contract for whatever reason or for no reason at all. All payment must be paid whether child attends or not.  There will be no reimbursement of funds that has already being paid. Fridays is when your childcare tuition is due. Monday is the beginning of a new week.